Okay so you've had a rough day dealing with the stress of christmas (its a real thing) you just want to come home and relaxxxxx and melt into a bath with a pretty scent and put a face mask on? same.

These soaking salts are the one for you my love. If you are having a romantic soak with your lover OR having some me-time, this soak will be your best friend. This soak is a blend of magnesium salts, rose petals and an infusion of rose geranium oil. LIKE OMSC (oh my santa claus) 

Based on magnesium salts, and mixed with pure essential oils this soak relaxes you and your muscles (we know Christmas can be a lil stressful) leaving you feeling calm and festive.


If you love rosey, loved up, girly vibes or you just love Christmas (who doesn't? you little grinch) then get your hands on this soak right now please, you're gonna love it