Immune : The blend to help you fight off bad stuff. Say hello to your immune systems new best bud. With antibacterial, antiviral and immune support properties, this blend has been specifically designed to help prevent the spread of germs and to support a healthy immune system.  Perfect for when you are feeling a little run down. apply to the soles of the feet or the arms to help prevent the spread of germs and regain strength.


Blend of pure essential oils Clove Bud, Eucalyptus, Lemongrass, Wild Orange + Lavender.


Application : 

Roll onto wrists, temples, back of neck and soles of feet, whenever you're feeling like your immune system needs a boost! 


*Please note*

We recommend seeing a healthcare professional if you aren't feeling well. This is to be used to boost your immune system and is not advised to be used insteadof medications.

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