Refill your roll on with our sustainable glass refills.

Our refill bottles contain 50ml of your fave willelaine blend, meaning you can refill your roll on bottle 5 times, making it just $7 per roll on, rather than $12


STEP 1 : Know which blend you LOVE and simply cannot get enough of. Know that.

STEP 2: Buy the brand spankin' new roll on refills for $35 (equals $7 per roll on)

STEP 3: Take the lid off the roll on, then the roll on ball out, the grab the dropper and fill up the empty roll on with the dropper!



TIP 1: If you have acrylic nails on, pop it in between the lip of lid and the roller ball. Pry it up (gently) and pop it open.

TIP 2: If you dont opt for the acrylic nail look, or you're simply waiting for your appointment, grab a spoon and do the same. Pry it open gently and pop the glass ball off

TIP 3: Rather than consistently topping up the roll on as you go (ain't nobody got time for that) wait until you are completely out. Saves you from even having to think about tip 1 & 2 for a lot longer!

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