Feel relaxed + soothed with our O.G Chill out blend. Calm is a stress soothing, mind calming, body grounding blend that will help you come out of your anxious state or prevent you from getitng there in the first place! A divine everyday blend to keep everyone in your home feeling stress free and calm.


To use : Pop 5 or so drops into your diffuser with water + diffuse, simple!

This divine scent will travel through your home + leave a soothing, calm scent behind. 

Best thing is, all of our products are 100% Natural + 100% Amazing.


  • Diffuse daily to feel calm, centred and to lower stress levels
  • Pop on a handkerchief and smell whenever you feel stressed or flighty
  • Waft past nose when you’re feeling anxious
  • Wash your children’s clothing with our “Calm’ blend for a more relaxed state of mind. Pop 20 drops into your washing machine for a calm vibe.

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