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Buff off bad vibes (and dead skin) with our Buff Body Scrub . This coffee and peppermint combo leaves you feeling beyond smooth and hydrated all at once, as well as gives you a little kick of energy with the refreshing blend of Coffee and Peppermint.

The Coffee and Peppermint blend is SO refreshing and ultra hydrating all at once. The ultimate coffee scrub. Massage it in using large, circular motions to help improve lymphatic drainage and assist in minimising the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks.

Hydrating oils add moisture back into your freshly exfoliated base, leaving your skin nourished and softer than ever. How fab!

Perfect for anyone wanting a refreshing, buffed bod as well as a new go-to coffee scrub to use when scrubbing off tan, self care evenings or just when you feel like feelin' as soft as a baby's bum.

How to use: 

Use morning or night, after cleansing the body and before moisturising the body.

Scoop a chunk of our Buff Scrub and massage onto damp body in circular motions (important) Rinse off and feel how silky smooth and soft your body is. ITS A YES FROM US.

Suitable for all skin types but to the sensitive lil chicky's, as always, do a little test patch to make sure this scrub is for you! 

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