Hey there, I'm Chloe Elaine

A creative optimist, who is dedicated to helping people feel calm, happy and gorgeous. Struggling with anxiety and migraines from an extremely young age, not a lot could relieve my anxiety & stress. By the age of 12, I had tried chatting to a therapist, meditation classes, yoga classes, vitamins and pills.

 The first encounter I had with natural remedies was at an acupuncture clinic who made a whole heap of cool natural therapies. My mum, (who helped me try everything possible) was keen to give it a go, so she bought me a natural Chinese blend to put under my tongue + a roll on bottle of an essential oil blend. That night, I tried it all out. I was astounded with how much of a difference it made.

In the end, I had tried a heap of different things but had found that aromatherapy helped me the most! It was something that I could easily take with me wherever I went, acted as a bit of a security blanket and most importantly, it was totally natural, which I thought was amazing.

 As a young person who was interested in nice things, I found that there was nothing on the more "trendy" side of aromatherapy. It was all very underground hippy dippy style stuff. Personally, I craved something I could carry around in my school bag, that looked cool, that was a beautiful product. But there was nothing out there, and if there was, it was WAY too expensive for a 12 year old.

When I came up with the idea for willelaine, I wanted to create something that was luxe, beautiful, 100% Natural, and inexpensive (so everyone who wanted one, could have one) This was so important to me, I personally knew how expensive this kind of thing was when my mum and dad were spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars trying to help me deal with my condition. When thinking about how I wanted my brand to be, I really considered the fact that I was in a privileged position and majority of kids at my school wouldn't have had the same access to this sort of thing, yet a lot of them would've been suffering from similar conditions.

 My thoughts were ~I want these products to help as many people as possible, because they really do work. So by making them as affordable and accessible as I could, I hope now, to be helping as many people as I can with anxiety and similar conditions. Because I get you, it's a battle.

I'm super open about my struggles with anxiety now, but did used to be pretty closed off about it all because it wasn't really something that was spoken about. I'm really trying to get rid of the stigma around anxiety and get more and more people talking about it openly! Our products are fun, beautiful and something that can sit on your desk with no shame attached. Just a beautiful little bit of self care which I believe everyone needs a bit of.

As for the name, Willelaine (Pronounced Will- a- lane) well, the name William is quite special to me, and my middle name is Elaine, so how perfect is that?! Thats how Willelaine was born.

I love how different it is, and once you get the hang of the pronunciation, I promise its worth it.

Each of the roll ons are 100% made with natural goodness & are hand-blended with love on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.

I wish you all the best with your journey,

Chloe Elaine x